Company Profile

         Hangzhou Cando Air Separation Plant Co., Ltd,founded in 1999 , the original factory Hangyang tertiary industry - with independent legal status of air separation equipment manufacturing professional company " Hangyang private air separation technology services ," establishment of the restructuring . Is set research and development , design and manufacturing, engineering packages , consulting services and integrated development of private technology enterprises. And cooperation in 2011 with Professor Gu Anzhong Shanghai Jiaotong University LNG R & D team , R & D, design, production and LNG facilities.
         The company is located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City in the Thai industry , the factory covers an area of ​​13,330.5 square meters , 6,500 square meters of production space , the registered capital of 10 million yuan , now has total assets of about 50 million yuan. The existing staff of 125 people, including professional and technical personnel 30 people, more than 10 senior titles .
         The company has a history of ten years of research and development equipment , rich manufacturing experience and advanced production capabilities , now has a variety of production equipment 90 (sets ) , tooling equipment 83 (sets ) , equipped with a variety of testing equipment 113 sets ( pieces ) .
         The company has Ⅰ, Ⅱ pressure vessel design qualification and manufacturing qualification , complete quality assurance system and reliable quality , environmental management system, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification , GJB9001A-2001 quality management system certification , GB/T24001- ISO14001 environmental management system , the company's advanced quality management concepts , and comprehensively promote "6S" management.
         Company of Hangzhou AA level contract and trustworthy enterprises, the integrity of private enterprises in Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province, one hundred "corporate integrity" , technical innovation and technological progress in Zhejiang Province outstanding enterprises , Zhejiang peaceful use of military technology Association, China General Machinery gas separation equipment industry association member unit of China gas industry Association member units, R & D centers , Yuhang District , Yuhang District, famous brand , strong protection and promote harmony annual advanced enterprises , the annual trade union priorities objective assessment prize.
         The company has three scientific and technological achievements , there is a gain Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award and the China Machinery Industry Federation , China Mechanical Engineering Society Science and Technology prize ; has two patents , two utility model patents ; Company 2006 Chinese private enterprises , was named outstanding enterprises innovation .
         The company's quality policy is: quality, refinement and service perfection ; honesty, continuous improvement.
         Companies leading products for air separation plants , cryogenic equipment -related products all over the country and exported to countries such as Vietnam , Pakistan and Kazakhstan .